I cautiously reached out and touched my fingertips to the book. A sharp shock burned my fingertips and the page’s glow wavered. Once it started to glow more steadily, a screen image came up on the pages. It looked like it was badly damaged and occasionally the image would glitch in random bits.

The entire book began making a strange buzzing sound. A small electric current was visible for a split second, jumping from one page to another. The book crackled with a static shock and then the room grew quiet. I looked around, expecting something to have happened, but nothing was different. My gaze shifted back to the book. I stared at it for a long minute before reaching out to touch it carefully.

When I wasn’t shocked or burned, I picked the book up and tapped at the screen that was no longer glowing. Disappointed, I tossed the book back onto the desk and slumped down in my chair.

“Well that was anticlimactic.”

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